Deciding to Blog

Blogging is something that I have long thought about. Only recently have I come to realise that there is enough content in my crazy busy life to provide inspiration in order to put pen to paper (so to speak). At present, I don’t have a plan for the frequency of posting, but I’m sure a natural pattern will soon appear.

A little about me…

I’m not far off 30, married, and have two fun-loving, very wild daughters. We live in a semi in a normal street, in an ever growing city in the midst of Essex, United Kingdom.

Essex…I hear you roll eyes…cue images of stilettos, white cars, and the “TOWIE” lifestyle. With one or two blog posts, i’ll show you the real beauty of Essex that we’re blessed to have right outside our doorstep!

Whenever possible, and we really do cram in every available second, we get outdoors. As a family, we walk and hike a great deal. We also swim (mostly in rivers), kayak, dive, climb, and create.

I plan to use this blog to document our outdoor life and adventures, and to hopefully to encourage others to step outside a little more often. The social media links should be visable on the main blog page, so there are a few different ways in which to contact me should you wish to.

I’m always in a field, as I’m sure you’ll soon see!

S xox




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