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When I start or finish a walk from my home, I don’t share the track link to the blog (or any other platform) for my safety. View Ranger has an option to publish a route enabling others to see it, or opt to make it private thus protecting your home address, or an address that can be linked to you (such as a place of work).

Many people walk when it fits in with their schedule, finding time between work or other lifestyle commitments. The uploaded routes can create a trend or pattern for when a house may be left empty. I think it is important that anybody, in the walking community or otherwise, is safe and not made vulnerable to opportunists. I therefore ask that anyone sharing their walking or outdoor stories, routes or tracks with me (or anyone else online), take a moment before posting to ensure they are being as safe as can be.


A few little facts about Chelmsford, Essex

The demonym for a Chelmsford resident is “Chelmsfordian”.

Chelmsford was given city status on 1st June 2012.

 The population of Chelmsford consists largely of city workers, with the rail link providing a 30 minute journey into London.

Chelmsford Cathedral is the second smallest in the UK, the smallest being Derby Cathedral.

Horse racing has been run at two separate venues, neither in the city centre. Chelmsford Racecouse was located at Galleywood and closed in 1935. More recently, Chelmsford City Racecourse opened in 2015. 

Chelmsford has been the county town of Essex since 1215.

Chelmsford was once the capital of England (for a few days), when the seat of Government was moved to the town temporarily.


Some notable people born in Chelmsford

Sir Walter Mildmay, born 1525 – Chancellor of the Exchequer of England under Queen Elizabeth I.

Penny Lancaster, born 1971 – model and photographer. Married to rock singer Rod Stewart.

Harry Judd, born 1985 – drummer in McFly.

Greg Halford, born 1984 – professional footballer.

Sir Nicholas Conyngham Tindal, born 1776 – lawyer, judge and Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas

…just to name a few!

I have lived in Chelmsford for the last 6 years. Until today, I didn’t know that Bluebell Wood even existed! Located in the city centre, and marked on the map as “Marconi Ponds Nature Reserve”, I’ve walked by on hundreds of occasions! The site is maintained by the Friends of Marconi and is an area of natural beauty for recreation and wildlife in the centre of Chelmsford.

We thoroughly enjoyed a 11.9 kilometre city-walk, and were thrilled to discover this new area. Marconi Ponds run a variety of groups at the site, including wildlife evenings, open days, group visits and a wildlife watch session.20170120_125218 Head over to their website for more information on upcoming events, and how to get involved!

We found pathways where the sun hadn’t yet melted the morning frost, and stopped to admire the sparkling leaves. The smallest small said that the branches looked as though they had been coated in sugar…not sure she’d want to take a bite!

S xox


2 thoughts on “City Walking

  1. Brilliant. Never knew this existed. Enjoying the blog. Our family aren’t quite as active but we do enjoy walks in and around Chelmsford. And I’d never heard of this slice of nature in central Chelmsford!

    Would like to hear more about how you use View Ranger or recommendations for tutorials. I can’t seem to find many routes in and around Chelmsford.

    Keep up the great blogging!


    1. I absolutely love finding new parts of the city! Even more so when they’ve been right under my nose the whole time. Chelmsford is full of so much history, and there are remnants everywhere of its past life.
      I have the View Ranger app loaded onto my phone. It only requires a few details (name, email etc) to set up a profile, and the app takes you through the basic steps to get you started.
      There are quite a few routes already saved in the Chelmsford area (for walking, cycling, running etc), and if I complete a new one I always save it for others to use too. You can tailor your search settings to the distance or difficulty you require, so there really is something for everyone on there. If you need any other View Ranger advice, feel free to ping me an email at and i’ll help where I can! 🙂
      There are also quite a few local routes listed on, or if there’s anything in particular you wanted (city centre etc), then i’m sure I can send you a route over.

      Thanks for the blog feedback, it’s so nice to hear that you are enjoying my rambles!
      S xox


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