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Keeping It Short

Apologies for the short absence!

The cough and cold bug hit our house hard at the end of last week. Added to the night time shenanigans from the smallest small, to say we’ve been all been sleep deprived and run down would be an understatement. The biggest small reluctantly had to have time off school and was hit with both the bug, and a bought of tonsillitis…poor thing. She absolutely loves school, and spent her time ill at home researching her current school topic, and writing stories. She even bought herself a new Ordnance Survey map!


Having had several doses of medication, the biggest was feeling somewhat better and was itching to get out. After four days indoors in confined space with the smalls, I’d started to go a little stir crazy, so decided we needed to get out for some fresh air and a change of scenery. 20170122_115107-01

We gathered our outdoor gear and headed to Sandon. Deciding to stay local in case we needed to abort the walk early, we planned to complete a short loop, picking up some mystery geocaches that we had solved a while ago. You can see my View Ranger track here.

Fresh air in our lungs, and blue skies overhead, it wasn’t long at all until we started to feel a lot better!

Walking down footpaths that hadn’t yet been licked with sunlight, we stopped to admire the patterns in the frost.

We took a break half way to refuel and found some ice puddles to play with. The smallest was thrilled with the “scrunchy” sound of the ice cracking underfoot.


The biggest tested out her map skills, and we were very impressed to see her plot out the second half of the route.


Geocache – 2 Mystery Cache, 4 Geocache (6 in total)

Squirrels – 2

Robins – I lost count after 12!

Equipment Taken

  • OS Area Map
  • GPS Device
  • Compass
  • Lunch!
  • Flask of coffee
  • First Aid Kit
  • Torch
  • Geocaching Tool Kit
  • Phone (with full charge) for emergency
  • Water
  • Paracord
  • Toddler Supplies – Nappies, change of clothes etc
  • Suitable Clothing (Waterproof jackets, fleeces, base layers, wellies, winter hats, gloves, scarves/buffs, waterproof trousers, thick socks, sunglasses)
  • Hiking Baby-carrier (with wind screen)


Have you been out this week?

S xox


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