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Smallest Small’s First Trip To The Flicks

Having recently bought a gift voucher for a birthday present, I can thank internet cookies for presenting me with the Cineworld Junior Club advert this week.

A few years ago, when I was recovering from my c-section, the hubbie took the biggest small to an equivalent club at the nearby Odeon for some one on one time, so I was aware that such clubs existed.

I thought that the smallest small was now of the age to really appreciate the cinema, so went ahead an booked tickets to see Trolls. I was pleasantly surprised as was expecting the available films to be slightly more dated than October!

Four tickets (2 Adult, 2 Children) came to £10 (including booking fee). There was an option to log in via Facebook or to pop a few registration details in. Not doing so added 50p to each ticket.

I selected the seats I wanted and soon had my confirmation email in my inbox.

Image courtesy of DreamWorks Animation 

Upon arrival, the smallest was VERY excited.Worried that she would be wary of the dark cinema screen room, I had shown her google images of cinemas so that she had some idea what to expect. We paid for a small bag of popcorn to share, some coffees (to keep us grown ups happy), and went through to find our seats. Stacked outside the screen there were plenty of booster seats for the smaller children to be able to see without the obstruction of the seat in front or an adult’s head.

The film itself was great, and was a perfect first trip film. Bright colours and plenty of music kept us entertained, and had the smallest up on her feet dancing!

Image courtesy of Apple Trailers

We’ll definitely be taking advantage of the cinema kids clubs again!



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