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Outdoor Classroom Day 2017

FB_IMG_1494337518861Thursday 18th May 2017 is Outdoor Classroom Day.

Over half a million children got involved in 2016 globally, and early indications show that this year will involve many more…

The purpose of the day is to celebrate outdoor learning and play, and more importantly, to inspire schools and educators to make outdoor learning and play an invaluable part of everyday education.

Lessons taught outside are far more likely to be retained. Being outside helps children to focus, boosts creativity, and plays a crucial part in child development.

Government organisation Natural England have recently published the findings from its Natural Connections Demonstration Project, which showed that:

95% of teachers say that taking lessons outdoors makes them more enjoyable

90% of pupils who go outside to learn feel happier and healthier

96% of parents say that play enables children to become well-rounded adults


To take part in Outdoor Classroom Day 2017 teachers and schools can sign up their class or whole school to spend at least one lesson outside here.


For some schools, this may be an opportunity to try outdoor learning for the first time. For those already practising outdoor play and learning techniques, it can be an opportunity to demonstrate to other schools in the area the importance of the outdoors and its influence on education. Parents can encourage their school to get involved and benefits include enhanced problem solving skills and team building skills.

Resources and ideas for lessons can be found on the Outdoor Classroom Day website.



Social media platforms for Outdoor Classroom Day

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Are you taking part in Outdoor Classroom Day 2017?

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